Oct 16


Spirithub offers free Webhosting to churches, non-profit organizations, mediums, Healers, and anyone else who would like to promote their services,
I can offer free web hosting and a free domain name, Under law I have to charge for the domain name so what i did was set the cost at 1 penny but use the promotional code to get it for free, or you can use your own domain name, just change your nameservers to ns1.sky-host.space and ns2.sky-host.spaceĀ . If you have problems doing that that just contact me at mail@spirithub.xyz
The signup process takes about 48 hours or less, that's to prevent spam entries which is a total waste of resources

So what's the catch?
None, I own my own Webhosting company and I'm in a position that I can offer free Webhosting to good causes, like churches, healers and mediums etc, just sign up for free, I don't ask for card details or money.

To keep resources to a minimum I'm offering basic hostingĀ then you're rewarded if you stick with me and hopefully you'll spread the word